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Dale, Front-End Engineer Hired by Alemhealth

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"I was impressed with the level of support the team at Techtok provided me when I was having issues applying for roles. Before using Techtok, my job hunting process was very frustrating. However, through Techtok I was able to get multiple job interviews at top tech startups in Singapore. Techtok is the most friendly and professional recruitment team I have worked with."

Software Engineer hired by Brick

"During my job search process, I was tired of doing multiple take home assignments and online challenges. But most of the time I didn't hear back from the companies. However, the quizzes on Techtok were relevant and challenging. I was able interviews from multiple companies after goign through Techtok."

Tech Lead hired by Studypool

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Our product is completely free for software engineers. We charge companies for our services.

What happens after the quiz?

We recommend you to complete your profile after which someone from our team will contact you for an introductory call.

When should I take the quiz?

You can take it anytime. Our recommendation would be to try it 1-2 months before you are actively looking for a job.

Who sets the quiz questions?

We work closely with subject experts and companies to come up with questions that are challenging yet relevant.

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